Basic B Golden Hour Facial Oil

Beauty by Brent

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Boosted cell renewal.
Reduced redness.
Greater elasticity.
Bright, tight and dewey skin with this blend of Rosehip Seed, Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E oils.

I use Golden Hour as my night facial oil. It’s heavier than Blue Skies and leaves my skin feeling quenched when I wake up in the morning.

I haven't been a "wash your face before bed sort of guy" until I hit my 50s. I look a lot younger than my age because I have taken care of myself so this extra step is really about anti-aging prevention. Rosehip is a wonderful moisturizer that also helps fight sun damage. Rosemary Seed oil has an antiseptic property that can help keep breakouts at bay. Lastly, Vitamin E Oil is an essential part of this blend to nourish your skin, add a youthful glow as well as ease fine lines and wrinkles  

Both of my facial oils are made from organic ingredients so they are both clean and vegan. My products are made in small batches without any preserving agents so I have included the batch number and expiration date on the back of the box  

Cleanse your skin. Use four to five drops and pat it into your skin. It's off to bed because sleep + water + skincare = turning back time.

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